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This year NARA CAMICIE celebrates 35 years of history and successes of a company that, born on a winning idea, knew how to maintain the prestige of the italian shirt. Thirty years celebrated by more 10.000 models created every year and several million shirts, produced in this first thirty-one years.

Telling the story of this company is a hard piece of work: a global sales network with over 300 shops, 100 of which abroad, a detailed print advertising campaign on the most prestigious fashion magazines, a massive production shared over two main poles. We will to recap on these few pages this significant experience, condensing 30 years of success in four cardinal points that represent the image, the creation, the production and the sales. In 1984 an italian entrepreneur, Walter Annaratone, strong of his ten-year family experience in the retail sales and confident of his contribution to the birth of the Benetton Group, cherishes the idea of creating a franchising brand specialized in selling shirts.

A high quality product, reflecting a precious image, would have certainly gained room in the italian and international marketplace.

Other two very young entrepreneurs, Mario Pellegrino, designer and owner of Passaggio Obbligato, and Enzo Pellettieri, owner of E&G, become involved in the project and in 1983 Walter Annaratone decided to become shareholder of the two companies that begin the production for NARA CAMICIE. The first NARA CAMICIE store opens during the next year in Milan, via Montenapoleone, immediately destined to become and remain the reference for the whole image and sales network of NARA CAMICIE.

A few months after, Gilberto Turra, an entrepreneur from Veneto, launches his store in Padua, soon followed by a remarkable network of other 20 shops across the whole Veneto. The successful trend is set and the request to become franchise multiply each year, reaching the ambitious number of more than 300 stores over the world, with an overall production of more than 1,5 million shirts on a yearly base. NARA is extremely careful supporting the image of their points of purchase. In fact, in year 1999, NARA designs the new project of furniture that marks the second generation of NARA CAMICIE stores.

The new store design keeps alive the relationship between contemporary fashion and the brand image of NARA. Architet Bruno Viganò achieves a clean, minimal design, created to emphasize the product, through showcases for very few items.
A strong brand identity is built by the use of distinct signs: the store design, the differentiation of the product and the high quality of the image. With more the over 300 models for any season proposed by Mario Pellegrino (Passaggio Obbligato) and the 80 models by Enzo Pellettieri (Camiceria E&G). NARA cannot offer a more complete solution. The brand leading position is undisputed in every market. NARA's target is very differentiated, a medium as a price, in the higher and as sartorial quality and innovative design - this also emphasized by of the "Accessori" line, offering knitwear and ties, created to support the main collections by widening the choice of matchings offered. One of the hardest tasks is to understand which of our shirts will become the favourite of our customers. Our shirts reach the stores season after season, conveying the contemporaneousness of NARA's image, able to update and years after years and to look ahead at the evolution of modern fashion.







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